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Relax and Color The Lighthouses of Oregon - Paperback

Relax and Color The Lighthouses of Oregon - Paperback

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There have been fifteen lighthouses and one light vessel on Oregon's coasts during its history. Eight are still active. Oregon's very first lighthouse, the Umpqua River Lighthouse, which was first illuminated in 1857, is still active to this day. This book includes all sixteen navigational aids, whether they are still active or not.

This coloring book includes two duplicate pages of each one. The first set all have a frame around them, and the second set are plain. As an artist, I know how much angst can go into color choices. This way you have two very similar pieces that you can color differently, or choose to color with a friend.

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, and lover of all things beachy, it is my pleasure to present these intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. All my illustrations are unique. You won’t find them in any other coloring books.

Whimsy, beauty, and attention to detail while also leaving room for the colorist’s imagination, are the aspirations of any good coloring book. I think you’ll find that and so much more in this lovely collection of art!

So dive on in.

Relax, Color, and Express Your Creativity! I can’t wait to see your creations.


"Fun and educational!"

"I can't wait to begin coloring the beautiful detailed coloring pages. And I love being able to read about the lighthouses in Washington. "


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