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Relax and Color Winston and Whiskers - Adventure One - Paperback

Relax and Color Winston and Whiskers - Adventure One - Paperback

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Step into the enchanting world of Winston, the lovable Pomeranian, in this heartwarming coloring book!

Winston’s adventure begins at his front door in the quaint seaside village, where he happily explores and plays with his friends.

Follow Winston as he peeks into the village bakery and shares a meat pie with Whiskers, the cat, who curls up with him for a midday nap in the beautiful park. Witness their playful antics as they evade Diesel, a larger dog, split up for safety, and reunite for more treats in the cozy corners of the village.

From riding in a bike basket with a giggling little girl to enjoying a bustling farmer’s market, every scene captures the essence of pure delight and friendship. Each page brings to life the beautiful landscapes and delightful moments of Winston’s day, culminating in his return to a warm and inviting home.

Step into the pages of this coloring book and become a part of Winston’s world. This journey of friendship, adventure, and the simple joys of village life is perfect for all ages. It’s an invitation for you to use your colors and imagination to breathe life into Winston’s world!

"Adorable and with a story too!"


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